Theatre                     Role        Director                    Company


We need to talk        Solo          Joanna Rosenfeld   Joanna Rosenfeld

about Death


The Odyssey           Penelope  Andy Hogarth          All Greek To Me


The Nightingale        The         Nick Quirke               ShowShoppers          



Motherhood:             Solo        Kath Burlinson          Joanna Rosenfeld




Pericles                    Dionyza   Nick Quirke              Droll and Folly Theatre Company


Henry VIII                 various    Nick Quirke              Droll and Folly Theatre Company


Cymbeline                Queen     Nick Quirke               Company FestivalShakespeare


Motherhood: the       Solo        Kath Burlinson          Joanna Rosenfeld




Corporate                                                                  GroundTruth Consulting Ltd.


Twelfth Night            Olivia       Nick Quirke              Company FestivalShakespeare


Mothering                  Solo        Devised                    Nightingale Theatre


Crave                         A            Joanna Rosenfeld    Little Warrior Productions


I am who am I           The wife Gavin Robertson      Company Gavin Robertson


Close Ups                 Solo        Tim Hall                    AboutFace Theatre Company


44 Days                    Various                                    Jam-T Dance Theatre


Baraka                      Masks      Joanna Rosenfeld   Cirque du Soleil


Alice in Wonderland  Various    Ian Moore                Black Box Theatre Company


Exiled                         Solo        Claire Wilson           AboutFace Theatre Company


I can't believe you      Leah        Paul Hunter             Hope Street Actors Centre

did that

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