The Polished Scar

Duncan Henderson performed solo in one of the most remarkable theatrical productions I’ve seen in years.

Fringe Review 


Written and Performed by Duncan Henderson

Directed by Joanna Rosenfeld


Winner of Fringe Review Award for Outstanding Theatre 

Brighton Festival 2018

Performing at Park90 Park Theatre 
Part of the Come What May Festival
There are some things so deeply rooted in our history, our public psyche, our national behavior, that living without them seems unimaginable. We act in certain ways because we always have. Injustice is built in, cruelty, can be part of the course. To question this is seen as potentially undermining, dangerous, even treacherous, both by those who appear to gain from it and those that don’t.

What does it take to shape a leader? Why is this shape so familiar? How do we get from innocent newborn to manipulator? What hurt is meted out? What damage done? Who carries the scars? What is the cost? Who pays?

With an exquisite physical performance, an occasional table and chair, a subtle soundscape and only the protagonist’s side of the dialogue, we are given an intimate portrait of how one boy becomes ‘the man’. This is a life seen through snapshots, character defining moments, where personal traits are smothered or defined.

Mon 9th 19.00
Tues 10th 20.30
Thu 12th 16.00
Thu 12th 20.30

'A brilliant performance that is nuanced and easily commands our attention... Henderson’s intimate vignettes are full of life in themselves and tell a story that is deeply personal and yet strangely depersonalising in its results.'
★★★★★  Broadway Baby

'A one-man display of acting virtuosity. There's no mistaking the quality of Henderson's performance. [...] A genuine tour-de-force of performance – and an interesting comment on a sad truth of life.'
Fringe Guru

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Poster Image by Graham Carlow 

Other Images by Daniel Lawton and Andy Ka