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*******A Polished Scar, Winner of the Fringe Reviews Outstanding Theatre Award, written and performed by Duncan Henderson and directed and co-produced by me, is coming to London as part of the Come What May Festival at Park90 at the Park Theatre in Finsbury, May 9th- May 12th. I am so excited! 23/3/22 

*******A Very Great Mischief won the audience selection and we are producing it for The Brighton Fringe Festival with Unmasked Theatre Company this May!!! Well done Katey Fraser, Karina Mills, Margo Henson,  Ross Guerney-Randall, Sarah Widdas and Harriet O'Neil. 9/12/2021

*******Directing an extract of 'A very great mischief' at the Scratch Night for new writing tonight at the Rialto Theatre, Brighton 9/12/21

*******We did it again. Year 2 of One Fell Swoop Unlocked was a blast 1/9/21

**********I just  collaborated with the brilliant Conor Baum and completed co-producing 6, directing 4 and performing in 2 Shakespeare in a day performances in the One Fell Swoop UNLOCKED micro Shakespeare Festival in Brighton. What a blast and what well needed medicine in these covid lockdown days. I finally got to have a shot at Lady M. What a joy.  25/9/20

********** A new poem for you all - 'No- It didn't break' 02/06/20

********** I have been quietly honing my film making skills, and collaborated the the fabulous singer songwriter Dedi Madden on some music videos. Storyboard, direction, camera and edits all by me, using an iphone and iMovie. Check them out here: and 22/4/20

********** The Authentic Artist Collective was going to perform as part of the Edinburgh Passion this Easter, and I with it. Being resiliant, we have made the piece as a film, directed by Kath Burlinson and edited by me. Here is the link. April 20

********** The Covid 19 lockdown has hit hard, 3 produtions I was going to be part of have been pulled or postponed indefinately. It hurts. March 20

********** "We need to talk about Death" has been picked up by SICK! Festival and I get to perform it in Manchester. Hurrah! September 19

********** Performing in 2 shows this Brighton Fringe, Ross and Rachel, a solo play by James Fritz, directed by the wonderful Sam Chittenden and produced by Small Villain Productions, and The Odyssey, adapted by Andy Hoggarth with the exciting new physical theatre company It's All Greek To Me at The Brighton Open Air Theatre. May 2019

********** I started working on a new piece called 'We need to talk about Death' and was selected to present at The Works at the Brighton Dome, 22/11/18

********** I am writing poetry. Please check out my blog and my you tube channel TheKitchenSinkArtist. February 2018

********** The current funding climate and the cuts to certain aspects of the Arts & Health sector has lead to us not persueing a tour for 2017/18. December 2017

********** Workshops for Midwives and GP's were exciting and stimulating. Thank you NHS. It looks like we have much interest to continue  and develop these relationships. July 2017

********** Oxytocin was a wonderful symposium and a resounding success for the show! June 2017

********** We have to cancel our June performance date! Motherhood has been selected to be part of the International Symposium Oxytocin - Birthing the World, which is on the same day! We have decided to be part of this exciting day at the Royal College of Art in Battersea.

********** The workshop with the midwives of the Birth Stories Project is just around the corner, and so are the Brighton Fringe performances. Please come and see Motherhood: (Un)speakable, (Un)spoken at the Rialto Theatre, 27/28/29th May  and 3rd June at 4.30pm. We will have a chat afterwards in the bar. 19/5/17

********** We are open for tour booking for 2017/18/19. If you are interested to book the performance and/or workshop program to come to your venue, community hall, woman's group or health care setting, please email for an information pack. 14/02/2017

********** The workshop 'Empathy in Practice' with 24 GP's in training went really well! January 2017

********** 4 Performances in Lewes, the audience and I are considering rename the piece later in the year to "Unspeakable, Unspoken. Transformations into Motherhood."

********** New performance dates! 12th December - 16th December, 12.30 lunchtime at the Rialto Theatre, Brighton. Performance, post show chat/ sharing and some art activities...what's not to like? 19/11/16

********** The performances went really well, according to the FringeReview we are a "Hidden Jem". 11/11/16

********** living with a teenager has it's effects. Slowly the reality of it appears as bits in my work too. First week of rehearsals done, I am excited and nervous in equal parts. 30/10/16

********** Two days of playing and exploring with our designer Ellan Parry and movement consultant Janine Fletcher has led us to some exciting and somewhat scary decisions. This piece is coming together beautifully. 26/10/16

********** There is a change of venue!!!!!! Unfortunately, our original London venue is no longer able to host the performances on the 11th November, so  it looks like we are now moving to the Kentish Town Community Centre for that day. 25/10/16

*********** Going into rehearsal with Kath, 5 days in Suffolk and that during half term. Aaaaarghh! Wish me luck. 23/10/16

**********The Clean Break performance tickets for the 11/11/16 are available at Eventbrite. 1/10/16

**********Kath and I played with Ellan Parry at Greenwich Dance and are developing our language of paper. We will probably let go of the puppet mask and other elements of the R&D. All very exciting! 30/9/16

********** Fortune Cats have helped me develop a new site where you can add your own 'The one who". Please click the link and have a go! 27/9/16

***********I almost finished the first Motherhood Workshop in London, and am grateful to The Free Space Gallery and Sorcha Jones for the immense support and dedication. 27/9/16

***********I have finished my first workshop series in collaboration with Threshold Women's Councessing Service in Brighton and am deeply moveld and honoured that I was able to witness such profound work. 27/9/16

***********I am unspeablable excited to tell you that I have received a creation grant from the Arts Council of England to move 'Motherhood: (Un)speakable, (Un)spoken" into the future. I will continue working with Kath Burlinson as director, Tessa Howell as producer and Sioned Jones as composer. And I now welcome very warmly Lou Cope as dramaturg and Ellan Parry as designer.  I can't wait! We are working with the Free Space Gallery in Kentish Town, Clean Break Theatre, Threshold Women's Services, the Rialto Theatre in Brighton, the Brighton GP VTS Program and the BirthStories Project on delivering workshops and performances to the general public, mothers and health professionals. 26/7/2016

**********For the time being, we have renamed the project 'Motherhood: (Un)speakable, (Un)spoken'.22/7/16

***********After a week of intense rehearsals, the first showing of our work is done!!!! We shared with a full house at the Lantern Theatre, Brighton, last night, and had a beautifully engaging post show discussion chaired by the wonderful Steven Brett from the Nightingale. Next show tonight at 8pm!

I am very grateful to all the people who have and are continueing to support this project. Thank you! 28/11/2015

***********Working with Kath and Peta Taylor in Suffolk, running our material for the wonderful Angela.

**********Kath and I just finished a week of rehearsals at ACT in Brighton and Kemp Towm and got to play with Janine Fletcher*******

**********We are working with producers Faith Dodkins and Tessa Howell*******19/10/15

*********The first workshop for mothers was delivered  at Lewes New School to very positive feedback********13/10/15

******** We have just received an offer for funding from the Arts Council England for the project 'Motherhood: the (Un)speakable (Un)spoken'*************** 18/09/2015

I am making  a new contemporary theatre performance piece with director Kath Burlinson (The Authentic Artist Collective) and choreographer Nancy Spanier (Performance Inventions), designer Peta Taylor (DAFT Theatre Company), Sioned Jones, Duncan Henderson, and am looking for a producer.

We are supported by the Nightingale Theatre, Brighton, Furtune Cats Productions and have an offer for funding from the Arts Council England.


Motherhood: the (Un)speakable (Un)spoken is a slow cooked piece

investigating themes of conception, birth and becoming a mother, to be performed  late 2015.  We were invited to the Works at the Brighton Dome Theatre in March, and received beutifully positve feedback. 




mobile: 07970 390007